Shoebox Studio

Shoebox Studio features portraits of young women, all brand new to modeling,

who filtered into my small "Shoebox" studio in Paris between 2004 and 2008.

Hoping to be discovered, many of the young women had yet to inhabit

their newly prescribed roles of creatures of fantasy.

I wanted to offer a rare, human perspective on this population of women

whose job it is to mask their vulnerability.

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Day 43. Kaja.  Day 51. Masha.  Day 44. Oxana.  Day 3. Olivia.  Day 31. Kara.   Day 21. Georgina.  Day 29. Maryna.  Day 5. Naomi.   Day 43. Helen.  Day 22. Isabel.   Day 23. Celine.  Day 20. Katrin.   Day 25. Jana.   Day 27. Gene.  Day 9. Arina.  Day 21. Eniko. Sheobox